Scrapefix Single Pack

Sku #SF-BU1C

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WHY IS THIS ATTRACTANT DIFFERENT? -The scent is infused at a molecular level with organic compounds whitetails can’t resist -The Delivery System- when the powder is dispensed it keeps distribution of scent to a minimum to peak deer interest and retention without over powering the area with too much odor -The scent will never breakdown or change and will continue to work for weeks after initial application -Licking Branches are the key to mock scrapes. The powder adheres to licking branches perfectly with just the right amount of scent -No Messy Liquids -Clip and carry convenience -Simple to make a mock scrape on way to or leaving your stand -Place scent downwind or for use as cover scent and calming effect when game is approaching from downwind -For use all year long -Use ScrapeFix on Decoys -Puff the ScrapeFix on your boots creating scent trail to and from your stand