Outdoor Tech Buckshot 2.0 Small Bluetooth Speaker

Sku #OT2800-B

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Tougher-Than-You-Are Nothing measures up to the Buckshot speakers' ultra-portable, tougher-than-you-are rugged design, and with the Buckshot 2.0, we're pretty much leaving the industry with its shirt pulled over its head, nose bloody, wallet missing. This little Bluetooth speaker packs a punch This mini sonic boom can ride shotgun on your pack, strapped to your handlebars as a bike speaker, your ski pole, your wingsuit, or the roof of your car, even if that makes no sense. Bringing the party with you, wherever you go You can take this small Bluetooth speaker, and your soundtrack, wherever you go. And that's dope. Big(ger) sound, small package. Stop laughing, start packing. A 20-HOUR battery, for 33% longer listening time from this small speaker. That leaves four hours in the day for sleeping, eating, or feeding your fish (we suggest a combination of the three). 60 FEET of Bluetooth range, so you can party down from three times as far away. PLUS a fancy-yet-functional clip that lets you hang it from your belt, strap it to your bag or handlebars, or screw it to any 1/4" threaded post, just like a camera. And it wouldn't be very Outdoor of us to go through all the trouble of making a new version of our badass baby Bluetooth® speaker without making it louder. SO WE DID.

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