Unexpected Charge April 5th

First and foremost.

We are very sorry for any unwanted charges this morning, and will immediately refund & ensure the removal of the subscription from the system right away, if you are one of the few that received an unwanted charge this morning. (But as always, our mistake could be your Reward)

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While technology & software is amazing when it works like you expect, it is terribly awful when it doesn’t. This morning we walked into a situation where it didn’t.

If you received a charge incorrectly, while we might feel like the enemy, we hope you can see we are on the same side and want to get this resolved for you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

As the rest of our week was just turned upside down. (is a caffeine IV a real thing?)

Our small team is getting to all messages as soon as we can.

We welcome multiple messages, but please know receiving multiple messages from any one customer slows down responses to all.

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