Frequently Asked Questions

Pro and Executive subscriptions are eligible for limited item selection. Pro subscriptions can select 1 item in their box, and Executive subscriptions can select 2 items. All other items in the box will be a surprise to bring you the gift of discovering incredible gear items that you'll love, based on your profile interests.

When emails are sent out to select your items, you'll have a limited window of time to make your selections. If we don't receive your selections, don't worry. Your dedicated Buddy expert will build your box just for you, based on your profile interests. Gear items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Gift boxes (one-time purchase or subscription) purchased for yourself or someone else are not customizable, but are geared towards hunting or fishing.

These boxes are not customizable, but are geared towards hunting or fishing.

Pro and Executive boxes will be able to return 1 or 2 items, depending on their subscription and if they feel the items will not be used. The guidelines below are in place to ensure that returns are an easy and positive experience for all.


  1. Returned items must be unopened and in new condition, to receive credit. Items chosen by customers on selection day are not eligible for return.
  2. Return your item(s), along with the return card, as quickly as possible so that we can credit the buy-back to your account in time.
  3. Credit that's issued for the returned item(s) is a prorated amount, based on the purchase price of your box and not the item MSRP. The credit amount will be listed on the return card in your box.
  4. Credit will be issued in the form of loyalty points.
  5. You will have 7 days after receiving the box to fill out the form and return the item(s) to receive credit.
  6. If the item(s) sent back to the warehouse are outside of the 7-day window and without prior authorization, you will not receive credit for the item(s) and must pay return shipping to get the item(s) back. If return shipping is refused, the item(s) will be forfeited.
  7. You must have an active subscription to use the buyback program. 

*If items are received late due to shipping issues, loyalty points may also be added late.

First, be sure that your account has been activated. You can activate your account here. If you forgot your password, you can reset it here. If neither of these options work for you, contact us so we can figure it out a Buddy would!

After logging in to your account, navigate to Profiles and you'll see your interests.

Your first box of any new subscription will ship in 48 to 72 business hours if purchased Monday - Friday, and as long as item selections are completed immediately after checkout (Pro and Executive boxes only). Your first box of any new subscription, purchased on weekends or a federally-recognized holiday, may take a bit longer. If item selections are not completed after checkout, this may delay shipping.

After your first box, all others will ship quarterly to prepare you for the hunting and fishing seasons. Below is a breakdown of the seasons and respective shipping months. Boxes ship in the 3rd month of the quarter.

Spring - (Jan, Feb, March) - Shipped March 
Summer - (April, May, June) - Shipped June
Fall - (July, Aug, Sept) - Shipped September
Winter - (Oct, Nov, Dec) - Shipped December

*Monthly payment plans - The first box ships right away, but you will have only paid 33% of the price of that box. By keeping it, there will be an unpaid balance on your account that can be paid at your convenience or the next month's payment due date. Once the balance of the first box has been settled, you will be on a regular monthly payment schedule.

Your shipping address can be updated on the Profile page of your account. Keep in mind that changing your address after the 10th of the month for monthly boxes or the 10th of the charge month for quarterly boxes (February, May, August, November) will not update for an order that has already been processed. If you're trying to change the address on an order that has already been processed, please contact us.

Since shipping carriers are determined based on the size and weight of your box, we cannot guarantee a particular shipping provider.

You will need to pay an $11 shipping fee ($50 for international orders) to reship your box, if it is undeliverable, due to:

  • An incorrect address
  • An unavailable mail receptacle
  • A "Hold Expiration"

Due to the sizes of our boxes, we can no longer ship to P.O. boxes. Please be sure the address you provide is a physical address. If boxes are marked undeliverable by the post office and sent back to Buddy Outdoors, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping.

Sometimes boxes arrive within a day or two after being marked as delivered. Additionally, you can try the following:

  • Check side doors and back porches
  • Ask neighbors if your box was delivered to their house by mistake
  • Check the main office, if you live in an apartment complex
  • Check with your local post office

If your box has been marked as delivered and you still haven't received it, after 1 - 2 business days, please contact us immediately so that we can notify the carrier and find a solution. Due to carrier restrictions, after 7 business days, we may not be able to assist you in the location of your box.

*We ship boxes using 3 - 7 business day delivery. However, due to these uncertain times around COVID-19, circumstances outside of our control may delay the delivery of your box by a few additional days.

Shipped boxes can be labeled as "delayed" or "lost in transit", depending on different shipping carriers' tracking systems. While a rarity, when this occurs, we've implemented standard procedures to help our customers receive the box they paid for in a timely and fair manner while we work with the carrier to locate your delayed/lost package. If your box is in fact labeled as "delayed" or "lost in transit", we will reship a second box as a one-time courtesy after 14 days of non-movement of the delivery status.

We do require that when the original box shows up, and is labeled as "delivered" by the carrier, you can either send back the replacement box, the original box, or pay for the replacement box. If we do not receive a box back, you will be billed for the replacement box with the payment method on file for your account.

If you receive the wrong item(s), you have 7 days to contact us to schedule a return. After 7 days, we do not have an obligation to exchange the items.

We want you to enjoy the items that are shipped with your box. So exchanging your size of apparel is no problem at all. We only ask that you get the package to us, and then we will cover shipping the replacement back to you. For returning items, you will be provided a form that needs to be filled out in detail. This will help expedite the process. If you don't have your order number, please ensure your name, email, and address are correct on the form. Once we receive your returned item, your exchange will be processed within 24 - 48 business hours.

After receiving a damaged item, we kindly ask that you contact us with your order number, a photo of the item(s), and details regarding the damages. We are happy to help make things right and get you a replacement gear item, as long as your request is started within 7 days of receiving the item.

Yes! Saving money and getting your box earlier in the month are two advantages of paying upfront. Find the perfect way to pay for your Sportsman's Box by viewing your payment options on our boxes page.

With subscriptions that are paid monthly, the box price is broken up into 3 equal payments. Once the final payment is processed, the balance on your account will show as being settled.

While we would be disappointed to see you go, we are here to help. Contact us and a member of our customer service team will assist you with canceling your subscription. Please note that once a cancellation request has been submitted, no changes can be made to your account without necessary confirmation from you. If our customer service team does not hear back from you, following the request, your subscription will remain active.

There are two possible reasons why you may still be receiving boxes after you've canceled. Either you paid for a one-year plan and your current year has not ended yet (you will not be charged again after your plan is completed), or you canceled after the renewal of your subscription.

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Please allow additional response time around the following company-observed holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Good Friday
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

*Customer service requests are responded to in the order they are received. Sending multiple messages can lead to your ticket being updated with the most recent time, and a longer waiting period for you. Only send multiple messages if there are additional updates or details that better help our team serve you. We understand customer service is a large part of your Buddy Outdoors experience. We are here to help you.